ERday, ERpost, ERview – what are these? And what are they needed for?

If you have questions like:

- How much of the audience was engaged today?

- Which posts are actually viral?

- How many views does a post get on average?

The following ratios will help answer our questions: ERday, ERpost, ERview.

ER stands for Engagement Rate, for example, by days - ERday, by posts - ERpost, and by views - ERview.

Engagement refers to the different reactions of your followers - likes, comments, reposts, clicks, etc.

There are many types of engagement indicators based on different parameters, but not all of them reflect the real picture. The Feedspy service offers statistics on three popular and real indicators.

ERday – the engagement rate of people for a day or selected period. This indicator shows the percentage of active people per day from your number of subscribers, taking into account that one person can show activity in several publications.

Formula for calculating ERday:

ERpost – the engagement rate of people for a selected publication. This indicator shows the percentage of active people for each publication. When filtering in Feedspy by this parameter, users of the service will be able to see viral posts in the top positions, as ERpost depends on the number of subscribers. Depending on the growth of subscribers, the coefficient can change due to the algorithms of social networks.

Formula for calculating ERpost:

ERview – the engagement rate by views. This indicator shows the percentage of subscriber engagement by reactions to each publication. This coefficient is convenient for analyzing how many people showed interest in the publication.

Formula for calculating ERview:

These indicators allow further analysis of your audience and its activity by days, posts, and views. It's important to remember that depending on the number of subscribers, overall reach, and other parameters of social networks, engagement rates can change.

ERday assesses your audience's engagement by days, so you can determine on which days your subscribers are active and interested in your posts.

ERpost is the most useful coefficient, allowing you to evaluate and compare the popularity and virality of posts, as well as which type of publication is interesting for your audience. For example, a page has 55 thousand subscribers and the first publication received 10 reactions (likes, comments, reposts), and the second publication - 200 reactions. In the first case, ERpost is 0.018%, and in the second - 0.363%. The second will be more popular.

ERview is important because it shows how people were engaged by the number of views. For example, the first post was viewed by 5000 people and received 100 reactions (likes, comments, reposts), while the second post was viewed by 1000 people, but got 70 reactions. In the first case, ERview is 2%, and in the second - 7%. The second will be more popular by views despite fewer views.

In Feedspy, ERday, ERpost, ERview are displayed for the selected period, as well as under each post.

Available filter by two coefficients - ERpost, ERview.

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