Using Feedspy for marketing agencies

FeedSpy a tool for recruitment agencies and marketing

Service FeedSpy analysts largely able to facilitate the work for the MA to provide a variety of data in graphical and factual manner. Proceeding from the beginning of the period of "spying" for the community service will indicate the most accurate data on indicators such as:

- An increase in the average daily \ care of subscribers;

- Popular and viral posts any selected pages;

- Activity in the form of comments, likes and repost;

- The best time of the activity of the audience.

Let us form the general statistics

Do not proceed to the general analysts can see a graph of growth of subscribers and unload it in PDF. This graph - one of the basic for customers, for it is always possible to see the work before and after:

After analyzing the posts in any community social network VK, FB and Instagram, you can get a graph the form of columns or here is such a diagram of, which likewise can be downloaded. Select the required date in the calendar, and download data for reports.

You can also see and weekly activity to show which days the audience is most active (provided regular maintenance of community service). This will help properly allocate time for posting advertising administrators group + You can always throw a man proof of such statistics. If needed activity hours, the service can also provide its (function "to see the day").

Detailed analytics audience and statistics

Analyzing the posts for the period of reference, we can conclude what content is interests of the audience and make the necessary recommendations. Through sorting by type of activity, making it easier than ever:

For Facebook also has a upload graphs of posts and activity of the audience. You can easily monitor the growth and activity of their communities, and in cases when buy a advertising.

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